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Fly Gear – RAVPower Travel Router

The RAVPower Travel Router fits right into the Fly Gear setup as once again a jack of all trade device that makes travel easier.Fly Gear is supposed to make traveling lightweight and easy. To do this all the products need to solve multiple problems and the RavPower Travel Router solves several. When traveling I’m sure you’ve run into a hotel without wifi and only have a wired connection. You might even run into a hotel with wifi but you need to login to use. Making it very difficult to use… Read More

My Go To Ramen Spot In Japan

During my time in Japan, I spent a lot of time hunting down some great food and cool places to visit, especially ramen shops. Not all the spots I hit were a success but there’s one spot that I could always rely on for great Ramen and I’m going to share that with you today! Tucked away off the beaten path is a spot we called the Red Ramen Shop but to the locals ラーメン魁力屋 座間店. Now you can get ramen at any corner or train station but the quality… Read More

Fly Gear – Knack Pack 2.0

For the past couple of months, I’ve been on the hunt for a backpack that looks good enough to bring into a meeting with a client, functional and has the space to handle a quick 3-day trip. Through my research, I came across the Knack bag. Typically I wouldn’t spend more than $100 on a backpack but this backpack is loaded with so many features it was hard to pass it up. I won’t go into a full-fledge preview as I’ll be saving that for another feature but I just… Read More

Robot Restaurant in Japan

Every time I had someone come to visit with limited time, I had to recommend the Robot Restaurant I spent 3 years living in Japan and during my time there I was able to fully embrace the culture.Robot Restaurant embodied everything that I loved about Tokyo. Flashing lights, loud music and over the top theatrics that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. First, let me start off with a quick heads up. Although it’s called the Robot Restaurant, it’s not dinner and a show. You can order something… Read More