How To Plan A Coronavirus Quarantine Staycation

With most of us working remotely this past couple of days due to the coronavirus quarantine, you may have already…

With most of us working remotely this past couple of days due to the coronavirus quarantine, you may have already started to hit your limit with remote work life. As a seasoned remote veteran, I can understand the initial frustrations of working remotely but let me tell you the beauty of it. While working remotely, you can plan out the perfect coronavirus quarantine staycation at home. 

Benefits of a Coronavirus Quarantine Staycation

I’ve been a big advocate of treating yourself but during these crazy times we’re in, some of the things I would do aren’t as easily accessible as they used to be. As much as I want to grab the family and take a trip to the Caribbean for a weekend, we, unfortunately, can’t do that. Having a staycation would definitely save you some money and help you avoid some of the madness you would find at the airport like Orlando International. Being able to experience some relaxation and do a few new things will help get rid of the cabin fever you may be feeling.

Start with A Budget

I take a look at the money I would have spent on gas for the month and the other little things I would buy to survive at work. I know some people who buy McDonald’s breakfast, Starbucks coffee and a pastry, and go out for lunch on a daily basis. From that alone, you can budget out close to $400. You can use all or some of that money towards your quarantine staycation. 

Define Luxury 

Now we need to figure out what’s worth splurging on. What is it that makes you feel good? Are you a fan of foot massages? Enjoy a nice steak and wine? Come up with a list of things you would like to do if you were able to splurge and get out of the house. Now that we have a clear understanding of what makes happy, it’s time to see some options.

Buy your Staycation

Now that you have your list, let’s order everything for our staycation. Here’s a couple of examples. When I go on vacations I love trying different foods. Exploring the city and trying out new foods has always been something I look forward to. So in this case, I’ve purchased a month of HelloFresh. HelloFresh provides a wide range of delicious premium meals and you don’t have to step out of the house to do any of the grocery shopping. Try out some new wine selections with a service I use called Winc. You answer a few questions and Winc gives you a series of wines to try out.

Next, I pick up a few lifestyle-changing items. Maybe some silk sheets, a cozy bathrobe, and foot massager. The biggest takeaway here is to make the best of your quarantine while staying safe. Limit going out and make the best of what you got at home. I’ve probably ordered more things for my house than I ever have.

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