During my time in Japan, I spent a lot of time hunting down some great food and cool places to visit, especially ramen shops.

Not all the spots I hit were a success but there’s one spot that I could always rely on for great Ramen and I’m going to share that with you today!

Tucked away off the beaten path is a spot we called the Red Ramen Shop but to the locals ラーメン魁力屋 座間店.

Now you can get ramen at any corner or train station but the quality varies. Some people like there noodles firmer, thicker broths with soft boiled eggs. The beauty of the Red Ramen Shop is you can customize your ramen to the fine details.

My go-to bowl of ramen is the ramen of champions. Extra noodles, extra pork, and pork fat drizzled over the broth and meat.


Let’s take a deep dive here. Thick delicious noodles with the best-flavored broth that can keep you going for several days.

My go-to combination also included an order of gyoza dumplings and some iced green tea. Some would call this the meal of champions and I would definitely agree with them.

It’s also one of the few ramen spots open late. After a trip to the Robot Restaurant, take a load off and enjoy a punch of flavor straight to the mouth.

What are the qualities that you look for in your ramen? Are you a fan of soy-based broths or do you prefer spicy ramen? Comment below and let me know.

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