Airbnb Ultimate Guest Guide

Sign up to Airbnb using my code, and get a discount on your first reservation. I’ve used Airbnb to save…

Sign up to Airbnb using my code, and get a discount on your first reservation.

I’ve used Airbnb to save tons of money when I travel. From quick trips to long stays, Airbnb has come in clutch when I had a tight budget and when looking for unique experiences. Here are some tips I found along with my stay on how to make the best of your Airbnb stay. 

Message your potential Airbnb host

I always send a personal message to my potential host. This shows that I actually took the time to read the host profile and sends a good positive vibe along. I usually will let them know why I picked their spot and what I’m doing in their neck of the woods. I’ve found that this helps the likelihood of your reservation to get approved. 

Don’t take rejection personally

Everyone will eventually get rejected for an Airbnb stay. It happens and you shouldn’t be offended. I’ve run into a few cases where the calendar shows availability, and I got a big fat no. At first, I really took it personally but after speaking with several Airbnb hosts I learned about some of the circumstances that may have caused the no. Maybe the host forgot to update their booking calendar or some unseen circumstances came up.

Invest time searching for the perfect place

I’ve run across an abundance of unique Airbnb rentals that caught my eye. I’ve seen a casino styled, ramen themed, container, beach houses, small houses, etc. If you try to find something in a rush, you’ll definitely miss out on gems. So I recommend taking some time to search! You don’t want to miss out on a potential treehouse with awesome views.

This is not a hotel

People tend to forget that Airbnb rooms are not hotel rooms. You might run into some of the things you would run into if you bummed a couch from a friend. Clothes on a chair or a cup in a sink, these shouldn’t be deal-breakers. I know it can be tough as well to stand there and have a conversation with your Airbnb host after your long flight but I always recommend taking a few minutes before crashing to speak with them. 

Let your host know if you’re going to be late

I hope you’re starting to see the trend here. Communication is the key to success.

This a huge courtesy and really simple to do. Share your flight number with your host if you’re coming in by plane. This way if you don’t have a way to communicate delays, they’ll have the ability to search. 

If you’re driving, I recommend giving plenty of updates. Current location, cause of the delay and the estimated time of arrival. 

Stick to the rules

We all saw the occasional Airbnb house party or tried to save some bucks by paying in cash. Play by the rules. It’s not worth it to try and stretch the Airbnb rules. Paying in cash doesn’t provide the insurance protection you would receive. Hosting house parties in an Airbnb can lead to legal issues in the future. 

Do you need to tip?

Big topic amongst all my friends. Should you tip after your stay? I always recommend giving a small gift. If I pick up a souvenir or a bottle of wine for the night, I might just double up on it and leave one for the host,  I don’t always give something, but I always want to let the host know when they made my stay a good one.

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  • Great tips – we have our two first AirBnB trips coming up in the next few months, and I wouldn’t have thought of most of these. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve stayed at AirBnB before in various locations and love it. I’ve never considered a tip before, though (mostly because there is a cleaning fee I think), but I absolutely love the idea of leaving a bottle of wine, etc. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  • This is great advice. I have not ventured into AirBNB yet but will keep this handy for when I do!

  • We like Airbnb when traveling because we like to cook our food. Therefore we pick homes that have a kitchen.

  • My parents are actually looking to be AirBnB hosts so I think this might actually help set expectations for them!

  • I love these tips. Especially the idea to leave a little something for the host. I mostly use Airbnb when I travel, and it’s good to remember these tips.

  • I’ve only stayed at one Airbnb and it was a great experience. We spoke with our host several times, and it worked out great!

  • I love Airbnb – and have had great experiences at all our locations. I never thought about leaving them a small gift…especially for those who went above and beyond. Maybe I’ll gift them a blog post about their units.

  • Solid tips. We almost exclusively airbnb for bigger trips and I agree with all of them. Good communication is probably the biggest and best tip.

  • Great tips! My family and I have stayed in Airbnbs a handful of times and everything has always worked out. Thank goodness I love communicating with the hosts.

  • Informative post! I’ve never done AirBnb; I’ve been too nervous. This makes me think that maybe I could handle it, after all!

  • I don’t know if I would have thought to leave a gift. I always try to leave the place really clean.

  • I use Airbnb for unique lodging and find property management listings in one place. The property management listings provide a great combo of hosting service along with hotel style maintenance/concierge services. Best of both worlds!

    • I’ve had a great property management listing in Las Vegas. Still a cozy and home-like experience just with the extra conveniences of a hotel

  • As a former Airbnb host, these are great suggestions. Leaving a positive review for the host on Airbnb is also a great thing to do.