Should you buy CLEAR Security Fast-Pass?

In the growing effort of making the airport experience as smooth as possible, I stumbled upon CLEAR. When I say…

In the growing effort of making the airport experience as smooth as possible, I stumbled upon CLEAR. When I say I stumbled on CLEAR, I literally bumped into a CLEAR agent in the airport while trying to navigate with my toddler and our carry on baggage. I was immediately reminded of CLEAR while waiting in line to get to TSA. We enviously watching as CLEAR members were able to skip us. 45 minutes later and I was finally through all the security checks.

So allow me to give you the basics of CLEAR. CLEAR allows you to skip the ID check step of TSA and proceed straight to the physical screening. Depending on which airport you frequent, this can save you tons of time. I frequented flying out of Baltimore, Washington DC, Orlando and Miami which all have a heavy CLEAR presence. I eventually took the leap and did a CLEAR free 2-month trial.

The Setup

The setup process was a breeze. I did most of the hard work online with its online enrollment. I arrived at the airport and approached a CLEAR ambassador and informed them I needed to finish enrollment. This started a 5-minute process that included a quick picture, fingerprint scans, iris scan, and a driver’s license scan. After that, I was whisked away in front of the line like royalty. It was a beautiful moment for me! It’s also now become a staple in my airport survival guide. If you have TSA PreCheck, your security process can be cut down to 5 minute tops! I recommend this setup for any traveler.

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My Recommendation

If you travel more than 3 times a year, I believe the convenience of CLEAR is worth its price. I recommend trying out its free 2-month trial and experience a true airport security fast-pass.

After your trial let me know what you think about CLEAR and if you would recommend it to others! Where do you wish there was CLEAR lane? Things would’ve been so much easier for me at the Robot Restaurant in Japan with one!

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