What’s the stereotypical image of a successful business person to you? Some will say late nights, early mornings, and always enjoying a good workout before hitting the office. What you envision as your typical entrepreneur probably has fresh pressed coffee in hand and speaking in a business call with a pair of AirPods. In reality, successful entrepreneurs come in different shapes, sizes, and temperaments.

I’m a huge gamer, and it’s one of my biggest passions in life. So while the thought of a player clutching a controller may not fit the stereotype of your typical “entrepreneur, it’s hard to argue with the benefits of gaming. Studies show that gaming can help with maintaining attention and focus and make people better at problem-solving.

So, there are no specific rules about what routines and habits make you successful in business. However, some things can contribute to business success.

Mindfulness, the practice of finding your flow and staying in the moment, is also something that can be related to playing video games. Gamers that focus on a game and get in the zone can achieve this flow state – a state that’s proven to have several health benefits, including offering relief from anxiety and depression, similar to meditation.

poker entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs rave about how playing poker helps them be better in business. There are plenty of similarities between playing poker and business negotiations, and poker can unquestionably help with things like becoming comfortable with considering risk and focusing on the thoughts of others.

Whether entrepreneurs prefer to spend a few hours on PokerStars or head to a casino for a real-life game, it’s reasonable to say they are probably developing strong business skills.

working out entrepreneur

Getting consistent exercise does align more with the typical entrepreneur stereotype I referred to earlier. Nonetheless, for those who do work out as a pass time, the benefits are substantial – and proven.

A regular training regime enhances moods, helps to improve sleep and also six-packs raises confidence. These are all clear things that are going to prove invaluable in any business setting. Following the schedules of successful entrepreneurs, you’ll consistently find them fitting a regular exercise regime into their lives.

All the other hobbies we’ve discussed have well-documented perks too. So rather than assume that that early morning run is necessary for success, keep in mind that a good Halo session or a late-night poker game can have business benefits too!

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