I’ve been talking about crypto and cryptocurrency for a few years but I constantly get the same questions. Bitcoin? What is it? Is it real? Is it too late for me? Instead of having to explain myself constantly, I’ve created this post to give you the low down of everything crypto and me.

As cryptos become more widely accepted and more valuable, it’s becoming more and more important to develop some sort of cryptocurrency plan. Planning finances using a traditional form of currency looks a bit different than creating a cryptocurrency plan, however, it is quickly becoming just as important.

Whatever particular cryptos you use and how you use them is up to you. The more we research and the more we understand how to use them, the better off we are.

It’s time to create a cryptocurrency plan. Here’s my personalized, forward-focused cryptocurrency plan to help you get off to a great start:

Gaming with Crypto: Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a game that focuses on creating value. In the game, players earn cards which they can then sell in order to earn money. Real money.

Essentially, Gods Unchained is an online trading card game in which players have a deck of cards that they use against other players. The cards in the deck have a variety of powers; defensive, attacking, supporting, and disrupting. If you’ve played Hearthstone, you know what to do here. Players of the game use strategy to build their own deck of cards and the better decks have a higher chance of winning, which allows players to level up and earn money during tournaments.

As players level up, they earn more packs. Each pack has a monetary value of about $80. With the combined value of their packs and the money they can win in tournaments, players have the ability to earn hundreds of dollars monthly.

Earning money through a game is certainly something that appeals to me, which is why I have included it in my cryptocurrency plan. For completing a few missions I was able to get $20. I reinvested that $20 into purchasing some booster packs and picked up a rare card worth close to $70 currently.


Lots of gamers play to earn with Gods Unchained and you can too by signing up using my referral link and you can make $20 in ETH. Make sure to use code JGKRvvULuk when signing up. Once you sign up, play a game and create or link your Coinbase account to your account. If you don’t know what Coinbase is, this next section is for you.

Crypto Exchanges – Coinbase and Gemini

Gemini and Coinbase are both highly recommended crypto exchanges. You’ll want to include at least one of these exchanges on your cryptocurrency plan, depending on which one appeals to you most. I am currently using both Gemini and Coinbase, as they are two top crypto exchanges, each with its own unique value.

Gemini is a private, licensed digital asset. Hosting custodian services for digital holdings, Gemini trades Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Litecoin, Ether, and Gemini Dollar. The mastermind behind Gemini is the concept of a cohesive relationship between the two forms of currency; cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, and functions on the idea that they will soon be used interchangeably.

If you use my Gemini referral link, you’ll receive $10 after buying or selling $100 worth of bitcoin.

Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange, allowing trading in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It is easy to use, with a simple, user-friendly interface and enables users to trade with either a personal or business account.

If you use my Coinbase referral link, you’ll receive $10 after buying or selling $100 worth of bitcoin.

What are NFT’s?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens and are another component of my current cryptocurrency plan. NFTs are a cryptographic token that ensures the uniqueness of digital media, which makes them collectible.

NFTs work by using blockchain technology to designate official copies of digital media. Once this has occurred, it can be sold by creatives and athletes for a profit. Doing so enables them to make money on content that would otherwise have been free.

All NFTs are unique. They can either be kept in your digital wallet or sold. If sold, the record is certified and kept on a shared ledger. Popular NFTs include virtual real estate, digital art, and even trading cards as you’ll see with NBA Top Shot.

NFTs are a great way to increase money through cryptocurrencies, which is why I’m including them in my current crypto plan. I recommend using OpenSea for all your NFT marketplace needs.

NBA Top Shot

In NBA’s Top Shot, you collect Moments. These are a type of NFT, which are virtual cards with brief NBA highlights, statistics, and even 3D animations. Using blockchain technology for transparency and authenticity, various levels of collectibles signify the value of the moment, which members buy and sell.

I own a few moments as you seen above but my pride and joy is my limited edition Steph Curry 3 pointer moment. This card has been sold for over $2000.

NBA’s Top Shot isn’t just turning out to be a lucrative cryptocurrency, it’s also fun. Trading moments are reminiscent of trading baseball cards as a kid, making this part of my plan a nostalgic one.  

Registration is limited so go ahead and register right now via my referral to get in now!

Crypto mining

Pi Network

Another part of my current crypto plan is Pi Network. Pi is a cryptocurrency that is accessible for everyone and simple to earn. It’s a great cryptocurrency for everyone, including the little guy, making crypto trading possible for those who never imagined it would be.

By downloading the Pi app, and checking in daily, you can start earning Pi. The thing about Pi is that it isn’t really valuable yet and can’t be used for much. However, there is a plan by the developers to merge Pi into a viable and prosperous cryptocurrency.

The future success and value of Pi is dependent upon the users who invest. While there is no guarantee that it will take off, I believe in the concept enough to start investing now. Investing while the crypto is small gives me the best chance of owning a lot when (if) Pi takes off. After seeing the success of many cryptos, I’m willing to take my chances on this one.

To get started you can use my referral link and claim a free Pi to get started

Bee Network

Bee currency is similar to Pi, with a reduced earning rate as the users increase. It’s another potential goldmine, though it’s currently in the beginning stages and not worth anything at all.

You need a referral code to get started, but once you do, you earn a free bee and you’re in, virtually risk-free.

I’m investing in Bee because of it’s potential and the fact that there’s currently no risk involved, so why wouldn’t I take my chances?

Here is my invitation link for BEE Network. Use the invitation code: googlekrome. Download at https://bee.com/en/download

So What Now?

Cryptocurrencies are a huge part of our economic future. Getting involved now, near the beginning, gives you the best chance of striking it rich as the market evolves. With so many options out there, it’s a good idea to jot down your potential crypto choices so you can make a plan for the most effective crypto strategy. Do you want to drop your entire stimulus check into crypto in some sort? I’m not a financial advisor but I definitely recommend dipping your toe into the game.

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