How To Create a Workspace At Home

As businesses across the globe turn virtual, millions of people are now creating remote work offices, school classrooms, and daycares…

As businesses across the globe turn virtual, millions of people are now creating remote work offices, school classrooms, and daycares in their home space.

Creating new normal during these times can be particularly challenging as the future is unknown. However, this time has presented an opportunity to take control of your work and personal life. My recommendations are purposed towards setting boundaries and maintaining structure, order, and control over your remote work life.

Have a Separate Room


If possible, it is best to make sure your workspace is separate from the open areas in your home, such as your kitchen or living room. Responsibilities at home such as children or pets can result in multiple interruptions throughout your work time. Working in an open area may mistakenly give the impression that you are openly accessible by the other members in your household. Designating a separate room as your workspace is also an effective way to set boundaries to maintain a work-life balance.

If your significant other, spouse, or partner is also working remotely, it is important to determine whether you both will be working together or separate. If your work productivity thrives from the energy and ideas of others, then try to work closely together while still maintaining isolation from other household distractions such as pets or children. On the other hand, if you prefer to work alone if there is not enough space to designate separate working areas, we suggest created two different working schedules to avoid or minimize overlapping work time.

Invest in a Headset

If your work includes meetings or phone calls, we strongly recommend that you invest in a quality headset, Bluetooth headphones, or even utilize AirPods to cut down on background noise.


Even if your work responsibilities do not include heavy telephone or conference communications, you can use the headset, earphones, or AirPods to cut out noise distractions and, if it helps you be more productive, listen to music as you work.

Pick the Right Desk and Chair

The main concern with getting a work desk and office chair is that it can cause neck and back pain due to poor posture. it is important to get a flexible desk that adjusts its height, giving you the ability to stand or sit.

Your office chair should adequately support your body type to avoid unnecessary back and neck strain.

Ultimately, your desk and office chair should give you comfort and adequate body support.

Find Your Productive Work Environment


Some workers find they are more productive in having a routine, steady, non-changing workspace. For these types of workers, their designated workspace or office will be the only area they work in. There are other workers, on the other hand, who thrive in a shifting work environment. One is not better than the other as changing your work environment has the propensity to refresh the mind and positively impact productivity and creativity. Uniformity in the workspace can promote structure, order, and organization. I also have suggestions on how to avoid burnout while working from home.

Our workspaces will never look the same as they once did. However, following my recommendations will help you create a new workspace for you to thrive.

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