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How To Create a Workspace At Home

As businesses across the globe turn virtual, millions of people are now creating remote work offices, school classrooms, and daycares in their home space. Creating new normal during these times can be particularly challenging as the future is unknown. However, this time has presented an opportunity to take control of your work and personal life. My recommendations are purposed towards setting boundaries and maintaining structure, order, and control over your remote work life. Have a Separate Room If possible, it is best to make sure your workspace is separate from… Read More

How I Work Remotely During The Coronavirus Quarantine

I can see the pandemic of coronavirus running wild across the world and most people are being forced to work remotely. I’ve been working remotely for several years now so this is nothing new for me. I’ve been able to fine-tune and create the perfect remote working home office and routine. Follow me as I provide you with the tools and routines to help you work remotely and maintain your sanity. Equipment I can personally recommend a few items that I’ve purchased that’s made my remote life a bit easier…. Read More