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My New Album – The Last Black Samurai

Continuing on with my 2021 Year of Doing series, here comes my latest project that I just had to get off my chest. I made a LoFi Hip Hop album! My new album is called The Last Black Samurai. Now I’ve never made an album or had music distributed. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. So follow along on the journey on how I was able to have my album and single distributed to all the major DSPs and start my own independent record label. Let’s start with… Read More

Cryptocurrency and Your Stimmy

I’ve been talking about crypto and cryptocurrency for a few years but I constantly get the same questions. Bitcoin? What is it? Is it real? Is it too late for me? Instead of having to explain myself constantly, I’ve created this post to give you the low down of everything crypto and me. As cryptos become more widely accepted and more valuable, it’s becoming more and more important to develop some sort of cryptocurrency plan. Planning finances using a traditional form of currency looks a bit different than creating a… Read More

2021 – The Year of Doing

Well 2020 was something! To be honest, 2020 was a double-edged sword. It was definitely one of the loneliest and depressing years I can remember. 2020 was supposed to be the year of traveling for me but Covid stopped that. From Wrestlemania to Japan, all these plans had to go out the window. I’ve lost clients due to the shutdown and had to deal with some unexpected strains.  Life definitely challenged me last year but the flipside of it is I was able to hone my craft. I was able… Read More

Amex Reveals Centurion Lounge Re-Openings

Airports just haven’t been the same since the closing of Amex Centurion lounges. Instead of waiting for your flight with a cocktail in hand- you’ve found yourself waiting with a fast-food soda that’s gone flat on the way to your common airport seat. Let’s face it, that is just not your style. Well, the wait is over. The Blue Doors of luxury are once again opening to Amex Platinum cardholders and Centurion cardmembers. American Express has finally announced the anticipated reopening of its luxurious airport lounges. New health and safety… Read More

Guide to Disney World’s COVID Precautions

Disney World has opened its doors once again. While things have certainly changed since your last visit, there are still tons of magical memories to be made with some COVID precautions. These changes are based on the recommendations of health authorities such as the CDC, and other government agencies. These measures have been put in place to provide you with the utmost safety. Since some rules and regulations are different, let’s go through some of the affected areas of Disney World. Disney Park Pass Disney has introduced a new system… Read More

Disney Introduces New MagicBand Upgrades

With the introduction of new Disney MagicBand upgrades, we should probably discuss a little bit about what a MagicBand is and why these upgrades are exciting for those who are looking to enjoy the full Disney experience. What Is A Disney MagicBand? The Disney MagicBand is a wristwatch that’s much more than that. It’s an all-in-one device that allows you to travel light while experiencing the vacation of a lifetime. The MagicBand can help you buy food, drinks, and merchandise. On top of this, the MagicBand can act as a… Read More

How To Create a Workspace At Home

As businesses across the globe turn virtual, millions of people are now creating remote work offices, school classrooms, and daycares in their home space. Creating new normal during these times can be particularly challenging as the future is unknown. However, this time has presented an opportunity to take control of your work and personal life. My recommendations are purposed towards setting boundaries and maintaining structure, order, and control over your remote work life. Have a Separate Room If possible, it is best to make sure your workspace is separate from… Read More

How To Plan A Coronavirus Quarantine Staycation

With most of us working remotely this past couple of days due to the coronavirus quarantine, you may have already started to hit your limit with remote work life. As a seasoned remote veteran, I can understand the initial frustrations of working remotely but let me tell you the beauty of it. While working remotely, you can plan out the perfect coronavirus quarantine staycation at home.  Benefits of a Coronavirus Quarantine Staycation I’ve been a big advocate of treating yourself but during these crazy times we’re in, some of the… Read More

How To Build A Service-Based Business for Under $60 A Month & Travel

When I first started my service-based business, I had no idea what I was doing. I did everything I could think of to become a better entrepreneur. All I knew is I wanted to be able to work remotely and be able to travel. There were some other extra incentives mixed in there but for now, that was the focus. I had the idea to start my online marketing business years ago but I just didn’t know where to start. After trying, making mistakes, learning from my mistakes and making… Read More