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Guide to Disney World’s COVID Precautions

Disney World has opened its doors once again. While things have certainly changed since your last visit, there are still tons of magical memories to be made with some COVID precautions. These changes are based on the recommendations of health authorities such as the CDC, and other government agencies. These measures have been put in place to provide you with the utmost safety. Since some rules and regulations are different, let’s go through some of the affected areas of Disney World. Disney Park Pass Disney has introduced a new system… Read More

How To Plan A Coronavirus Quarantine Staycation

With most of us working remotely this past couple of days due to the coronavirus quarantine, you may have already started to hit your limit with remote work life. As a seasoned remote veteran, I can understand the initial frustrations of working remotely but let me tell you the beauty of it. While working remotely, you can plan out the perfect coronavirus quarantine staycation at home.  Benefits of a Coronavirus Quarantine Staycation I’ve been a big advocate of treating yourself but during these crazy times we’re in, some of the… Read More