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How I Work Remotely During The Coronavirus Quarantine

I can see the pandemic of coronavirus running wild across the world and most people are being forced to work remotely. I’ve been working remotely for several years now so this is nothing new for me. I’ve been able to fine-tune and create the perfect remote working home office and routine. Follow me as I provide you with the tools and routines to help you work remotely and maintain your sanity. Equipment I can personally recommend a few items that I’ve purchased that’s made my remote life a bit easier…. Read More

How To Build A Service-Based Business for Under $60 A Month & Travel

When I first started my service-based business, I had no idea what I was doing. I did everything I could think of to become a better entrepreneur. All I knew is I wanted to be able to work remotely and be able to travel. There were some other extra incentives mixed in there but for now, that was the focus. I had the idea to start my online marketing business years ago but I just didn’t know where to start. After trying, making mistakes, learning from my mistakes and making… Read More

Fuji-Q Highland – Japan’s Roller Coaster Heaven

Japan has several roller coaster theme parks but Fuji-Q Highland, in my opinion, the go-to amusement park. How To Get To Fuji-Q Highland We took a chartered bus to Fuji-Q Highland but I would definitely take the train. From the Shinjuku Station, you can take a JR line limited express train to Otsuki Station. It’s a smooth 1 hour and 10-minute ride and once you get there, jump on a local train on the Fujikyu Railway. Take the local train down to Fujikyu-Highland Station. Have your camera ready as you’ll… Read More

Wrestlemania 36 – Ultimate Tampa Travel Guide

Wrestlemania 36 hits Tampa, Florida April 5th, 2020 and it’s going to be a can’t miss experience for any wrestling fan. With Tampa hosting this year’s event, I have first-hand experience with the area and the ultimate guide for traveling to Tampa and making the best of your stay. Venues There are a few main venues you should keep in mind during your travels around Tampa for WrestleMania. A lot of these venues will host multiple events throughout the week and it’s always a good idea to keep these locations… Read More

Airbnb Ultimate Guest Guide

Sign up to Airbnb using my code, and get a discount on your first reservation. I’ve used Airbnb to save tons of money when I travel. From quick trips to long stays, Airbnb has come in clutch when I had a tight budget and when looking for unique experiences. Here are some tips I found along with my stay on how to make the best of your Airbnb stay.  Message your potential Airbnb host I always send a personal message to my potential host. This shows that I actually took… Read More

Orlando International Airport – How To Survive

Orlando International Airport MCO is the gateway to a ton of attractions from Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Sea World, and other parks. To experience everything that Orlando has to offer you need to survive one of the craziest airports I’ve ever experienced, Orlando International. I’m going to offer you the critical tips and suggestions to make coming in and out of MCO a smooth experience. Orlando International Airport Overview Orlando International Airport is home to an extensive amount of airlines. Aer Lingus AeroMexico Air Canada Air Transat Alaska American… Read More

Should you buy CLEAR Security Fast-Pass?

In the growing effort of making the airport experience as smooth as possible, I stumbled upon CLEAR. When I say I stumbled on CLEAR, I literally bumped into a CLEAR agent in the airport while trying to navigate with my toddler and our carry on baggage. I was immediately reminded of CLEAR while waiting in line to get to TSA. We enviously watching as CLEAR members were able to skip us. 45 minutes later and I was finally through all the security checks. So allow me to give you the… Read More

Fly Gear – RAVPower Travel Router

The RAVPower Travel Router fits right into the Fly Gear setup as once again a jack of all trade device that makes travel easier.Fly Gear is supposed to make traveling lightweight and easy. To do this all the products need to solve multiple problems and the RavPower Travel Router solves several. When traveling I’m sure you’ve run into a hotel without wifi and only have a wired connection. You might even run into a hotel with wifi but you need to login to use. Making it very difficult to use… Read More

My Go To Ramen Spot In Japan

During my time in Japan, I spent a lot of time hunting down some great food and cool places to visit, especially ramen shops. Not all the spots I hit were a success but there’s one spot that I could always rely on for great Ramen and I’m going to share that with you today! Tucked away off the beaten path is a spot we called the Red Ramen Shop but to the locals ラーメン魁力屋 座間店. Now you can get ramen at any corner or train station but the quality… Read More